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Welcome to the OFFICIAL web site of the Los Feliz Village Business Improvement District.

The BID is dedicated to improving & promoting business in the area of Los Angeles known as Los Feliz Village. The Village is an inviting & charming community nestled at the foot of Griffith Park.

It is rich with culture, traditions, art, historic landmarks, hip new businesses & many attractions. It has an exciting history and a promising, prosperous future.

Long known for its fiercely independent and creative spirit, Los Feliz Village encompasses a diverse selection of businesses – from warmly familiar restaurants and services which have been steady L.A. Basin favorites for over 50 years, to cutting edge designers and hip “retro” clothing, vintage and collectibles shops.

The Los Feliz district is a unique neighborhood tucked between two of the most important Los Angeles parks – Griffith Park to the north, and Barnsdall Art Park to the south.

Visit over 300 merchants – “The Village” runs parallel to Vermont Ave to the west, and Hillhurst Ave to the east.

The Village includes portions of Hollywood Blvd, Los Feliz Blvd and Sunset Drive as well as many adjacent streets between the two main thoroughfares of Hillhurst and Vermont.




Brian Morrison 
of Minitrue

After years of involvement with the BID as a member of our Beautification Committee, Brian served as President in 2023 and was unanimously appointed for a second term for 2024! Brian also serves as the Chair of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council's Cultural Affairs Committee.

Dora Herrera.jpg

Vice President 
Dora Herrera
of Yuca’s Restaurants

A founding member of the LFVBID, Yuca’s incomparable Dora is back as our Vice President for a third year in a row after being re-elected for a second term! In addition to running a legendary Los Feliz business, Dora is President of the Friends of The Los Feliz Library.


Tigran Khachatryan
of The Set Dispensary

Tigran, of The Set on Hillhurst, wants to make Los Feliz an even better place for business. He looks forward to forming relationships with local entrepreneurs and helping their businesses thrive.

Stacy Lauren-Kon.jpg

Stacy Lauren-Kon 
of Mend Family Acupuncture

Stacy, of Mend Family Acupuncture, has been volunteering on the LFVBID Board for several years and will be serving another term in the role of secretary this year, she will also be reprising her role as Chair of our Marketing and PR Committee.


Chair of Beautification Committee
Ermanno Neiviller
of Il Capriccio

Ermanno, owner of Il Capriccio, was once President of the LFVBID and made his much celebrated return to the Board in 2022 as Chair of our Beautification Team, a role he will be reprising for 2024 after being re-elected to the Board for a second term.


Board Member
Armen Menechyan

of Pür Joy Yoga


Board Member 
Anthony Ko
of Messhall Kitchen


Monthly Board Meetings are held every last Monday of the month at 9am

in person at Il Capriccio: 1757 N Vermont Ave or via zoom

Zoom Link -

Click HERE for meeting agendas.

Click HERE for meeting minutes.


The first step is to prepare an Annual Report and Budget. The report is usually prepared by the BID President with an advisory board and mailed to the City Clerk’s Office (Los Angeles). There the report is subject to review, approved and then sent to the Housing, Community and Economic Development (HCED) Committee of the City Council. This committee meets every Wednesday.

Once approved by the Committee, the report is sent to the City Council for approval of the Ordinance of Intention to renew the BID. The mayor has 7 days, following the City Council approval, in which to sign the Ordinance.

Once signed, the Ordinance and all pertinent information are mailed to the existing BID database. The information includes the date(s) of the Public Hearing, which occurs a minimum of 10 days after council approval. At the public hearing, if there is NOT a majority protest and it so desires, the City Council will adopt an Ordinance renewing the BID.

If the Ordinance is approved, it takes 40 days for it to become effective. Forty days AFTER the approval of the Ordinance, the assessment bills are mailed out to the BID membership. The entire process takes approximately 8-10 weeks, typically beginning in the month of January.

The Los Feliz Village BID is renewed EVERY year because it is a business-based BID. For more information regarding BIDs we recommend visiting: Los Angeles Office of the City Clerk


Prepare an Annual Report and Budget to send it to HCED for approval.


Once approved the report is sent to the City Council for approval and signature.


After City Council approval wait 40 days for it to become effective.


All records are saved on the BID database.

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