Small Business Saturday: Co-Op 28 Handmade & Vintage!

As part of “Small Business Saturday”, Co=Op 28 Handmade and Vintage will be having an event this Saturday, November 29th!


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Press Release: Kerry Slattery turns over Skylight Books General Manager reins

Press release
Kerry Slattery turns over Skylight Books General Manager reins
to staffer Mary Williams – effective Jan 2015

1818 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 323 660-1175

CONTACT: Kerry Slattery
cell: 323 719-0465 /
or Mary Williams

Slattery continues as Managing Partner of Skylight Books LLC

November 25, 2014
It was announced to the Skylight Books staff Monday night by current long-time General Manager and Co-Owner Kerry Slattery that staffer Mary Williams will take over as General Manager in January 2015. Slattery will serve as an advisor for the transition, and then continue as Managing Partner of Skylight Books, LLC, owner of the store.
“I have thought long and hard about what Skylight needs today – and I believe Mary has the right combination of leadership, vision, practicality, knowledge of books and the book industry, the ability to create teams, and the willingness to do whatever it takes,” says Slattery.
“18 years ago when we opened, we had 6 employees and one storefront – and no one knew who we were. Now we have 20 employees, a popular Arts Annex, and we are included on best bookstore lists around the world. But there are new kinds of challenges, and we are constantly looking for ways to serve our customers better, become more efficient and improve our profitability. “ One of the first items of business will be to create a Strategic Plan to define where Skylight is now and where it should be in five years.
Williams has worked at Skylight for over six years and became Events Manager five and a half years ago, booking and managing more than 300 in-store and off-site events per year, including in-store events with Junot Diaz, David Mitchell, William Gibson, William Vollmann, Jeanette Winterson, Jeffrey Eugenides, Amy Goodman, Allie Brosh, T.C. Boyle, Eileen Myles, Patti Smith, as well as emerging writers from local schools and universities.
She currently serves as the Immediate Past President of the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association, and has been on that Board for four years.
Before coming to Skylight, Mary worked as a freelance copy editor for academic journals, as an assistant publicist at Newmarket Press in New York, and as a bookseller at the Strand Bookstore. She received a bachelor’s degree in English literature and creative writing at UCLA, where she also served as Arts & Entertainment editor at the Daily Bruin. Currently, in addition to working as Skylight’s events manager, she facilitates a private book club and continues to write fiction, working on a novel.
“As a lifelong book lover, I can think of no job I would enjoy more than managing an independent bookstore,” says Williams. “What Kerry has created in Skylight is a community gathering place, a hub of Los Angeles literary culture, and a venue where some of my favorite authors have come to speak. It’s been a pleasure joining her team and working with such a talented staff for these past six years, and it’s a real honor and privilege to take on this new role. I look forward to tackling the challenges ahead and carrying on the work that Kerry has done so exceptionally since the store’s founding eighteen years ago.”
Skylight’s strong staff of longtime booksellers includes manager Steve Salardino and head book buyer Charles Hauther (both 18-year veterans) and business and finance manager Christine DeAngelis, who will continue as key members of the Skylight team.
“The growth and vitality of Skylight Books is the achievement I’m proudest of in my life,” Slattery says. “We’ve continued to retain our unique personality and viability through challenging times, while “rolling with the punches” and embracing many changes in the bookselling world. But now I’m 70 and I’d like to focus on some writing projects I’ve been thinking about and to take longer camping trips with my life partner, Ben DiGregorio, in our home-made teardrop trailer (Deadwood, South Dakota is next on our list)!

Skylight Books Background
Skylight Books is a general bookstore serving the historic Los Angeles neighborhoods of Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Downtown; located in the shadow of Griffith Park and its iconic Observatory, and surrounded by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, R.M. Schindler, and Richard Neutra. Skylight’s eclectic clientele challenges the store to provide the cutting edge of culture including the best in literary fiction, graphic literature, books on music, art, film and theatre, Los Angeles regional culture and history, children’s books, political theory and more.
Skylight opened November 1, 1996 on the former site of another local bookstore landmark, Chatterton’s, and in 2008 expanded to include its Arts Annex. Located 3 1/2 blocks north of the Sunset/Vermont Metro station, just next to the Los Feliz 3 cinema.

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Los Feliz Business Spotlight: Half- Off Clothing!

Half Off Clothing Los Feliz
1748 N Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca, 90027
Hours: Mon-Sat, 10:30am-8:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am-7:30pm

Half Off Founder Victor Dillon has always loved fashion and the thrill of finding a great bargain.
When he was younger he couldn’t afford the high quality clothing at department and specialty stores. But that didn’t stop him, so he befriended some of the wholesale suppliers for his favorite shops, he started buying directly from them. His friends would always ask him where he got his cool clothes and were amazed at the low prices he paid for them. Soon they talked him into buying things for them and before he knew it, He was running a store out of his living room . . .
Realizing he loved what he was doing, he wanted to bring his connections and talent for finding great deals to the public so in 1991 he quit his construction job and opened a ‘hole in the wall’ shop on Fountain and Virgil. Soon, the Half Off Clothing Store was an instant hit in Los Feliz.
Victor personally selects every item in his store. Because he has developed relationships with the high-end men’s and women’s clothing wholesalers he gets merchandise at discounted prices and passes the savings on to you. However, he’s not interested in taking everything they have to offer, he looks only for the best combination of style, quality and price
…and yes, it really is half off!

Support Los Feliz Businesses!

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A Village affaire: A Holiday Celebration 12-6-14

“A Village Affaire: A Holiday Celebration” will be held Saturday, 12-06-14 from 4-9pm and is open to all businesses in Los Feliz Village!

The Los Feliz Library at Franklin and Hillhurst will have a Tree Lighting at 6:00pm!!

People will stroll thru our local businesses and pick up some free samples or discounted items, and possibly coupons for their next visit if that’s what the businesses wish to offer.

If you are a business with a location in Los Feliz and would like to participate, please contact

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Los Feliz Village Business Spotlight: Green Leaves!

Los Feliz Village Business Spotlight: Green Leaves!

Open every day from 11am to 12 Midnight.

Vegetarian Restaurant for a New Generation!
Enjoy a tasty and healthy alternative to other types of food. All of our food is prepared fresh, using the finest ingredients.

Here is a review from the LA Weekly:

Reviews – LA Weekly (October 6-12,2006, Vol. 28, No. 46)
When you bite into the first pillowy hunk of tofu wallowing in the peppered and garlicky sea of one of Green Leaves’ vegan soups, it’s like you’re at the beach in Summer, eyes closed and not filling up with suffused sunlight. You feel instantly rejuvenated, like Prince Namor plunging back underwater or, if you prefer a DC Comics analogy, Hal Jordan recharging his Green Lantern ring. And the entrees at Green Leaves, which opened early this year in Los Feliz, are healthful without being bland, unlike the square fare at so many vegan restaurants. Cauliflower and cucumber contrast with pineapple amid the Sweet-’n'-Sour Veggie dinner’s neatly tangy sauce, and the yellow curry is liltingly spiced without overpowering the natural collusion of coconut milk and potatoes (although some might find the bits of less-natural soy “chicken” stunt doubles to be too realistically chewy).
Green Leaves specializes in Thai cuisine – its Melody Stir Fried vegetables come with red rice that actually looks mystically purple, and fat spring rolls bulge with tofu and glass noodles inside their transparent skin – but the menu also includes a pleasing assortment of lentil and faux-meat burgers and sandwiches, wraps, breakfast burritos, and the lusciously “decadent without really being all that decadent” wheat free Tropical Pancakes (with blueberries and bananas), which can be ordered right up until midnight closing. The setting might be nondescript with just a dozen tables and three unobtrusive TV screens centered on a long window looking out unto Hillhurst Avenue, but Green Leaves is a clean, well-lighted-enough place, a psychic filling station. There’s no tell-tale trail of entrails out back, no animal calamity of feathers and blood and guts to sock you in the stomach afterward. As Chick Hearn might have said, “No harm, no fowl.” – Falling James

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The Los Feliz Village Business Spotlight: Spitfire Girl!

The Los Feliz Village Business Spotlight: Spitfire Girl!

LOS ANGELES, CA 90027 View Map

A delightful “Everything” store located here in Los Feliz, Spitfire Girl offers gifts for children and adults, Home accessories, Jewelry, Unique and Unusual items, (Need an anatomically correct heart paperweight or a shiny banana bud vase?) Apparel and Holiday items like snowglobes!

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Here is an interview from ModCloth with the owner:

ModCloth: How did Spitfire Girl begin?
Kristin: Years ago, when I was the “perfect” housewife, I did a ton of entertaining and hand made all my event invitations. For my daughter Suki’s third birthday party, I created a reptile theme “Box Card” invite. When you opened the tiny box, it revealed a reptile toy and tiny invitation. This Box Card unexpectedly affected the children in a big way. They carried these boxes around for weeks; some were even sleeping with them. The parents were blown away at the concept. I knew I had something at that point.
Not that much later in a time of desperation when I was feeling scared out of my wits, I started Spitfire Girl. I was a mother of two small children and had to divorce my husband. I decided I couldn’t work for anyone else but myself- I’m too headstrong.
That drive, with a little bit of obsession, is what has made Spitfire Girl succeed.

MC: Do you design many of the pieces?

Kristin: Yes, for sure. Where would I be if I couldn’t get my creative on? A funny story: I drew the top selling design, The Robot, in divorce court. Out of such a terrible event came a great-selling image. My other designs include the Bedtime Story, Girl At The Window, and many more.

MC: It seems like many Spitfire Girl products give a nod to the West. Is this because you’re originally from Texas?

Kristin: I’m a BIG Texas girl and a BIG Daddy’s girl. I live in Los Angeles now, but I go back to my home state every four to five months, so my heart is definitely in Texas. My father tells me that I’m an “original” Texan, because my great great great grandfather was one of the original 300 settlers in Texas, and his brother supplied the blue silk to sew the first Texas flag. So that being said, my blood runs deep with the state of Texas!

MC: Why did you decide to print your postcards on cherry wood?

Kristin: I love, love, love wood- totally obsessed with it. It just gives the artwork such a unique look. The grain of cherry wood is also so rich and ages beautifully with time.

MC: We love how your pieces look so whimsical and vintage-inspired. How does this happen?

Kristin: I am definitely attracted to vintage artwork and design. So naturally, whoever I pick to join the Spitfire Team is on the same boat artistically. There are five artists, including myself, designing for Spitty. Two artists (my husband Jason Schroder and Adrian Sanchez) are tattoo artists. Two of us (Liz Young and I) are museum-shown artists. Last but not least, my daughter Sidney Sekula, age 12, designed one of the top selling postcards, Food Groups.
My husband Jay, who I met 2 ½ years ago, is a big part of Spitfire Girl. It was a mere two weeks after we met that we were designing stuff together. It’s just so much fun to have an idea and follow it through with someone you love, and see it sold in stores across America.
I also always have both eyes open, ready to be inspired.

MC: Where do you find inspiration for your pieces and life in general?

Kristin: I find it when I take time off and get out of town- that’s when product ideas comes to me. When my husband and I are traveling, we hit a bunch of thrifts stores and antique shops. Whether we are in Texas or Europe, we can sniff them out.

MC: Since we like fashion here at ModCloth, I have to ask: Does your creativity spill over into your wardrobe, too?

Kristin: Oh gawd, yes! At the moment I’m really into the vintage 70s dresses. What’s even worse for some reason I’m intrigued with the whole “Dallas” T.V. look. I think now that I’m getting older my whole look is changing. I also enjoy reconstructing vintage pieces on the fly before I head out to a party. I’m a bit of a crazy bird.

MC: Does each Spitfire Girl season have a theme?

Kristin: Yes. Spring’s theme is “Out With the Old, in With the New.” I will be discontinuing product that I no longer feel passionate about and replacing them with a super-rad doll line! We said ‘forget about recession- let’s hunker down and make new fun product.’ Some of the new dolls include The Gnome Doll and The Yeti Doll.

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SAVE THE DATE! A Village Affaire: A Holiday Celebration!

“A Village Affaire: A Holiday Celebration” will be held Saturday, 12-06-14 from 4-9pm and is open to all businesses in Los Feliz!

People will stroll thru our local businesses and pick up some free samples or discounted items, and possibly coupons for their next visit if that’s what the businesses wish to offer.

If you are a business with a location in Los Feliz and would like to participate, please contact

Details coming soon!!!

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Thanks and STAY TUNED!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the “A Village Affaire: A Culinary Exploration!”

Here are some pictures from the event:

Stay tuned for details regarding our upcoming Holiday event!!!

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Homeless Coalition Meeting November 20th, 2014!

The East Hollywood & Los Feliz Homeless Coalition is having a meeting to see how we can address the homeless issue in East Hollywood and Los Feliz.
They hope for the homeless be connected to services so that they may have a home for the holiday!
You are invited to attend the meeting November 20th!

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Tonight’s updated list of Participating businesses of “A Village Affaire!”

Here is Tonight’s updated list of Participating businesses of “A Village Affaire,” as well as the map of the trolley stops!

Feel free to print it out and bring it with you!

The trolley drivers and businesses will have some for distribution, but bringing your own print out will be easy for you and you won’t have to look for one!

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A map of the trolley route to pick you up and drop you off at participating restaurants for Wednesday, November 12th’s “A Village Affaire: A Culinary Exploration!”


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A Village Affaire: A Culinary Exploration is THIS WEDNESDAY! 11-12-14






“A Village Affaire: A Culinary Exploration!” Wednesday, November 12th from 6-9pm!


Participating restaurants and non-restaurants and what they are offering so far:


Café Los Feliz – mini croissants

2118 Hillhurst Ave.


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – $5 gift cards to the first 100 attendees, first 150-free mini pastry and free small mini coffee

2081 Hillhurst Ave.


Messhall Kitchen – Happy Hour drinks from $5 to $8

4500 Los Feliz Blvd


Yuca’s (Hollywood Blvd) – mini pibil taco and small watermelon drink

4666 Hollywood Blvd.


Desert Rose – mini skewers of beef, veggie or chicken kabobs

1700 Hillhurst Ave.


Palermo – small pasta dish

1858 N Vermont Ave.


Cheech’s – small slice pizza

2116 Hillhurst Ave.


Co op 28 – 10% off everything in the store. Also pick up a coupon for more discounts good through November 21

1728 N Vermont Ave.


Jasmine’s Garden – Hot cider and cookies.  20 % discount on fresh flowers and 10% discount on gift items for Wednesday, November 12th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm when customers mention “A Village Affaire”

2030 Hillhurst Ave.


Alcove- Brownie Bites in a variety of flavors

1929 Hillhurst Ave.


Rockwell-Truffle Grilled Cheese with Havarti and Tomato Bisque Dipping Sauce

1714 N Vermont Ave.


Bar Covell- Tater Tots

4628 Hollywood Blvd.


Il Capriccio- Pasta Antonio & Pasta Norcina

1757 N. Vermont Ave.


Liza Shtromberg Jewelry- 20% off in stock merchandise

2120 Hillhurst Ave.


Spitz- “Street Cart Pita Strip” – Fried pita strips with garlic aioli, feta cheese, green pepper and red onion

1725 Hillhurst Ave.


Macho’s Tacos- Chicken Mole Tamales

1670 N Vermont Ave.





 Restaurants will continue to be added to the list!




The AMPS will be playing from 6:30pm-7:00pm in front of the Coldwell banker building adjacent to Alcove. They are a modern rock band that play covers and their own material. The AMPS and have been playing together the past 4 years, when they all attended Ivanhoe Elementary school, and are now 14 year old 9th graders!

 Also, Desert Rose will feature a jazz trio from 6-10pm!!!

The same night, be sure to stop by Skylight Books to see Peter Yarrow and Noel “Paul” Stookey signing and reading from their book: 50 years of Peter, Paul and Mary!


There will be trolley stops to take you from venue to venue on Wednesday, November 12th from 6-9pm!


If you are a restaurant based in Los Feliz and would like to participate, please contact


Sure to be a great time!


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Today’s Los Feliz VIllage Business Spotlight: Spitz Los Feliz!

Today’s Los Feliz VIllage Business Spotlight: Spitz Los Feliz!

1725 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 522-3309

11am – 10pm, Sun, Mon, Tues
11am – 11pm, Wed & Thurs
11am – Midnight, Fri & Sat
* Curbside Pickup Available!
* Delivery Available

The Story
Founders Bryce Rademan and Robert Wicklund laid the groundwork for Spitz while studying at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Discovered while on a semester abroad in Spain, Rademan fell in love with Döner Kebab. It was sold on virtually every street corner and he was hooked. Upon arriving back in the US, Rademan immediately became infatuated with the idea of bringing Döner Kebab to L.A. In the spring of 2005 he teamed up with Wicklund and they ultimately opened their first location a mile from Occidental six months after graduating.
Together Rademan and Wicklund have pioneered a restaurant concept that has transformed a Mediterranean street food into a California-fresh, flavorful and healthy culinary sensation. This means that everything is made in-house from fresh ingredients and unique recipes. The ambiance, from music to art, is inspirational yet comfortable. And customer service, from greeting to goodbye, is sincere. We look forward to serving you soon – and as always – rock the kebab!
What’s a Döner Kebab?
Döner Kebab (pronounced du-ner-keh-bob) is a Turkish phrase that literally translates as “rotating meat”, not to be confused with “shish kebab” which means “skewered meat.”
Spitz’s Döner Kebabs are made with freshly minced lamb and beef or chicken which is then cooked on a rotating vertical broiler to allow its juices to drip down and caramelize on the surface. The meat is shaved off into paper-thin strips and stuffed into sandwiches, wraps or salads with house-made sauces, toppings and sides. The result is a delicious yet healthy cuisine loved the world over and finally brought to you here in the US by Spitz.

Support Los Feliz Businesses!
Spitz will be participating in the Los Feliz Event “A Village Affaire: A Culinary Exploration” on Wednesday, November 12th from 6-9pm!

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